Dr Kay Ijisesan

Over the years, Dr Kay has authored books on diverse subjects like Excellence, Leadership, Faith, Love, Redemption, the Supernatural. He has written over 28 titles, and counting

Author's books

No Night There- Prophetic Insights for Perpetual Light Here on Earth

Is there any aspect of the life where it seems like you are clueless, fruitless or defeated? Are you experiencing a night season in any area of life? I have good news for you: Light – the Game Changer, the Quickening Factor, and the Situation Fixer – has come to see to the end of hardship in your life in Jesus’ name.


Your light has come! Darkness must give way. Just as darkness does not have a place in heaven, you should live under no oppression of the dark.. God that said in darkness in Genesis 1:3, ‘Let there be light’ has packaged this prophetic revelation for your deliverance in this season. Get ready to break out of every night into a new horizon of supernatural height. Your light is here. No more night!

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