101 Nuggets for Excellent Living

Mediocrity is the quality or state of being average or ordinary. However, the expectation of God, the maker of man, is that man will excel in life with extraordinary results.


101 NUGGETS FOR EXCELLENT LIVING gives you the keys that can be applied in any area of life. These nuggets are simple, yet profound and practical. As you apply the principles in this book, your extraordinary and excellent results will be evident to your world.

12 Supernatural Benefits of the Blessing

The blessing should be more real to you than the money or goods you have or don’t have yet. If you have the blessing, then you have all, because the blessing is all. The truth must be in your subconscious. Welcome to a new season – the season of the blessing – where you naturally expect blessing fruits.


Every tree is defined by its fruits. If indeed the blessing is all, then its fruits cover all the good things of life. The tree of life produces every good and perfect gift – a million and one of them! Name it, if it is good, you will find it there. These fruits, as diverse and varied as they are, come through certain modes and medium worth mentioning.


In this book, they are called the benefits of the blessed life. Get ready for transformation.

Fundamentals of the Supernatural – The Basics of Christian Living and Ministry

This is a call for the believer and the church to walk in the authentic supernatural.


Like the days of the apostles, signs and wonders are meant to be a regular occurrence in the believer’s life, but a lot of Christians are not experiencing or manifesting their heritage of the supernatural because of wrong teachings and beliefs.


The book is positioned to establish your life and ministry on the path of the supernatural – in the balanced Biblical sense. it will help you escape the ditch at one of the always being “prim and proper” shying away from avenues of God’s release of power and the other extreme of going overboard into works of the flesh and demonic manipulations by not being guided by the Word and the Spirit.


In this book, you will learn:

The supernatural living based on the Word, the difference between the supernatural and the spectacular, how to have a supernatural lifestyle naturally, what faith has to do with supernatural living, the believer’s love walk and supernatural lifestyle, the relevance of the gifts of the Spirit in our days and other vital truths regarding supernatural living and ministry.

No More Excuse – Discover the steps that God took to guarantee your victory

Your freedom in life is dependent on your redemption in Christ. As long as you are spiritually reborn, you are free from the consequences of sin.


Although Adam lost the exalted position of mankind in the Garden of Eden, God has taken several steps to restore humanity back to that place of victory. That is why we have no justification to fail in life. Stop wishing you were living somebody else’s life. God took as many steps as were necessary to eliminate all the issues that may hinder you from living a life of victory and dominion.


Man is capable of dominion because he came out of God. God is always in charge, he never loses control. he has never run out of ideas regarding the affairs of the whole universe. Even when things don’t look good from the natural perspective, he always knows what to do. You have a similar capacity. You have the nature of dominion and God in Christ Jesus took all the necessary steps to guarantee your victory in life.

No More Toil – Discovering the Secrets of Sweatless Victory

No More Toil, is not just a fancy title. Rather, it is a prophetic phrase that will release an anointing over you, bringing an end to every form of curse in your life. From lack, you will move to productivity and from scarceness to abundance. As you affirm it and declare it based on the revelations from scriptures that you will encounter in t his book, the wheels will turn for you, to the frustration of the enemy.


This book is set to remove all false notions and ideas about you living a low-rate life as it opens you up to the mind of the Father regarding your wholeness and prosperity.


From different accounts of scripture, you will come to a life-transforming understanding that will make you shrug off any form of hardship and set you on a pedestal that will make you expect, believe, act and eventually have the best in life. By this truth, you will outgrow the mindset of toiling and develop instead, the mindset of reigning.


The blessing of the Lord- it makes (truly) rich, and adds no sorrow with it (neither does toiling increase it) – Provers 10:22 Amplified Bible

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