No More Excuse – Discover the steps that God took to guarantee your victory

Your freedom in life is dependent on your redemption in Christ. As long as you are spiritually reborn, you are free from the consequences of sin.


Although Adam lost the exalted position of mankind in the Garden of Eden, God has taken several steps to restore humanity back to that place of victory. That is why we have no justification to fail in life. Stop wishing you were living somebody else’s life. God took as many steps as were necessary to eliminate all the issues that may hinder you from living a life of victory and dominion.


Man is capable of dominion because he came out of God. God is always in charge, he never loses control. he has never run out of ideas regarding the affairs of the whole universe. Even when things don’t look good from the natural perspective, he always knows what to do. You have a similar capacity. You have the nature of dominion and God in Christ Jesus took all the necessary steps to guarantee your victory in life.