No More Toil – Discovering the Secrets of Sweatless Victory

No More Toil, is not just a fancy title. Rather, it is a prophetic phrase that will release an anointing over you, bringing an end to every form of curse in your life. From lack, you will move to productivity and from scarceness to abundance. As you affirm it and declare it based on the revelations from scriptures that you will encounter in t his book, the wheels will turn for you, to the frustration of the enemy.


This book is set to remove all false notions and ideas about you living a low-rate life as it opens you up to the mind of the Father regarding your wholeness and prosperity.


From different accounts of scripture, you will come to a life-transforming understanding that will make you shrug off any form of hardship and set you on a pedestal that will make you expect, believe, act and eventually have the best in life. By this truth, you will outgrow the mindset of toiling and develop instead, the mindset of reigning.


The blessing of the Lord- it makes (truly) rich, and adds no sorrow with it (neither does toiling increase it) – Provers 10:22 Amplified Bible